March 31,2011

She is likely to get promoted.

March 30,2011

She is content with her work.

March 29,2011

She is acquainted with the architecture.

March 28,2011

Judy is responsible for city planning here.

March 27,2011

A computer is indispensable to him.

March 26,2011

He is devoted to studying astronomy.

March 25,2011

He is eligible for a grant from the government.

March 24,2011

He is supposed to turn in his paper next week.

March 23,2011

He is busy with his assignment.

March 22,2011

Ann was absent from Prof.Mark's class.

March 21,2011

She knows that she should not impose her opinion on others.

March 20,2011

She believes that the police can tell the truth from lies.

March 19,2011

She connected what he possessed with the case.

March 18,2011

She informed the police of what happened.

March 17,2011

Nothing prevent her from going to the police.

March 16,2011

She accused the man of theft.

March 15,2011

She did not approved of his comments.

March 14,2011

He commented on what she did.

March 13,2011

Mr. Mark did not stand by her.

March 12,2011

The company objected to her request.

March 11,2011

She insisted on the pay raise.

March 10,2011

Ann is always complaining about her salary.

March 9,2011

He prefers going out to staying home on weekends.

March 8,2011

He does not care for his new apartment.

March 7,2011

He looks down on his landlord.

March 6,2011

He looks up to the writer.

March 5,2011

He thinks that the book counts for much.

March 4,2011

Mr.Mohammad does not believe in intercultural barriers.

March 3,2011

No player could compete with him.

March 2,2011

He did not like tennis at the beginning. but he ended up an excellent player.

March 1,2011

He compared his match with his sister's.